McdVoice [MacDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey]

Mc Donald is an American fast-food company. It is founded in 1940 as a Restaurant in the United the world’s largest restaurant chain system restaurant.



McdVoice is survey conducted by the MacDonald for getting various reviews from customers. MacDonald’s chain is famous fast-food chain who experts in serving food products like as  –

Survey NameMcDvoice Customer Survey
Survey PrizeCash Back , Burgers
Entry ModeBy Online
Survey Limit1 per person, per receipt
  1. Chicken products
  2. Some breakfast menu
  3. Soft drinks
  4. Milkshakes
  5. Wraps
  6. Desserts

Brief History of McDonald:

In 1940 first Mc Donald is introduced in San Bernardino by Mr. Patrick mac Donald which is then replaced by “Mc Donald’s”. California. the brothers Richard and Maurice introduced “Speedee service system”. original mascots McDonald’s was chef hat on the top of a hamburger who was named as “Speedee”.

Types of McD restaurant:

All the Mc Donald serving both counter and drive-through service with indoor and outdoor service. also various types including

Mc drive – in some places Mc drive locations nearer to highways offers no counter or seating service. and vice Versa as in case of mc drive in the high-density city.

Mc cafe – it is the cafe style Mc Donald restaurant and concept by Mc Donald’s Australia.

Playground – Mc Donald’s playground is its play place. Some areas contain larger playground with indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Mc Donald’s Next – it uses open concept design for creating your also offers mobile charging and table service in Hong Kong.

2006 Redesign – Mc Donald’s introduced its forever young brand by all its restaurant. The goal is to redesign to be a coffee shop, as like Starbucks.

Products of Mc Donald’s:

Mc Donald’s basically sells hamburgers and other things like chicken, chicken sandwiches, French fries, soft drinks also some breakfast items and desserts.

In some markets, they offer salads and vegetarian items, wraps and localized fare. Products are either dine-in or take-outs. Dine-in a meal is provided on a plastic tray and takeout meals are enclosed in a paper bag.

McD’s voice survey:

In 2012 MC Donald’s is become the largest company of fast food with 1.9 million employees. And for maintaining their prestige they conduct a survey to get some feedback from customers.

And this survey named as “MacD Voice”. For improving their services, they start MacD voice. In this, they simply just asked some questionnaire to customers online. They conduct approximately five surveys per month and this surveys validation is only for 30 days.

Some official steps you have to follow for a survey.

  • Go to their official website.
  • Enter the coupon code which will be on the receipt.
  • Choose language.
  • Enter your survey code.
  • Click start.
  • Answer all questions related to the survey.
  • You can get the validation code that you can redeem on your next visit.

Rules and eligibility for MacD Voice:

  1. You need to purchase something from MacD Then you will get receipt/coupon.
  2. The limit is one coupon per person.
  3. Offers cannot be combined and coupon can’t be transferable.
  4. 5 survey limit per month /person.
  5. Residence should be of US.

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The world’s largest chain of restaurant which offers fast food. They serve better and for that, they took a survey named “MacD Voice”. which contains some questionnaire. By which they understand their fault and improve it and maintain their quality.

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